Heading Home

This CL-415 heads home after a busy day fighting fires…..

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  1. Mr Normand Hamel

    Hi, Love the picture.I am an MNR AME whose spent many years working on various Tankers from the CL-215 to the CL-415 from all over northern ontario,out west to Pennsylvania for part of a winter.The aircraft i was assigned to was tanker 276. It’s registration is C-GOGX.I had nothing but good memories with the crew who flew it.Anyway it’s nice to see some aviation history in art work.I am trying to find a picture of a CL-215 for a retired captain who has spent numerous summers flying them during the fire seasons.I think you had made a print of a CL-215 dropping a load on a fire.The title of the print was BULLSEYE and the tanker number was 262.Wondering if it’s still available and what is the cost.

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